For the Guys: How to be Comfortable in Front of the Camera

April 30, 2020

Sup fellas! Brad here. If you’re reading this it’s hopefully not too late! But even if I caught you after your big day, chances are you’ll still do another couples shoot sometime in your life (trust me your girlie with make it happen).

As a fellow guy I wanted to write this blog because long before I got behind the camera, I was put in front of it! Whether it was for a family session as a kid or a couples session before I got married, I still didn’t feel as comfortable as I wanted to be. I’m still far from perfect in front of the camera, but between all the shoots I’ve been to as a client and a photographer, I’ve picked up on a few things that I think can help any guy when he’s in front of the camera.

Since photos and videos show only moments in time, there is a huge emphasis on body language to help tell the story. The more confident and intentional your body language is, truly is what makes or breaks a photo. Here are a few things that will help you go a long way!  


The first thing you need to do is to RELAX! I know your body’s natural reaction is to tense up when there’s a lot of pressure to look good in front of the camera, but trust me, the more you think about it the more that uneasiness will be reflected in your photos! 

And this is EASY thing to do because if you book with us that means you’re booking a couples session which means you’ll have your girlie with you! And you guys are in LOVE! (At least we hope so). This is your chance to showcase this love like you probably never have before (aka this is your chance to flex your girl and her new bling bling ;).

Also, luckily for you, there’s a pretty good chance your lovely woman will OWN it in front of the camera like it’s a walk in the park! So follow her lead you’ll be cooking with peanut oil! But don’t be afraid to own it too! This is about BOTH of you and the connection you share, so don’t be shy about it! 

Be intentional.

Whatever you do with your body, be aware of what you’re doing. Be mindful of each part of your body and where you’re placing it and why (of course this is where Emily and I come in and pose you ;). But here are some little things that will go a long way!

Never have a loose hand! I like to call these loosey gooseys. Not only can this hand just look awkward and be distracting, but hands are actually a HUGE tool to convey emotion and direct the viewers attention to a certain part of the image. If you’re next to your girl, find somewhere on her to put those hands! (I know you want to ; ) Hair, hips, face, booty–all great places to put those hands! Your pocket is always a good go-to to put that free hand, but feel free to spice it up and try something else! If you have accessories like a jacket or a hat, incorporate those! 

Have good posture.

Good posture goes a long way in photos! It will make the emotion so much more powerful. It all goes back to showing your girl off. And a great way to look like a tough guy flexin’ his cute girl is to have strong body language! If your girl is workin it in front of the camera but you look like a zombie, the lack of chemistry will show! When it comes to standing poses, especially ones that are more serious, posture will be your best friend! Keep that back straight and chin up (unless if we tell you otherwise) and your photo game will be instantly up-leveled.

Mouth and eyes.

Your eyes and mouth are probably the most powerful features you have when it comes to storytelling because those babies can MOVE! They directly show EMOTION (the magic word hahah). And they’re going to be the focus in almost all of your shots.

Don’t be a statue! You have the ability to show such wonderful emotions at any given moment so don’t mask the good stuff. Give us all the laughs and smiles and kisses and even the sexy smolders. Try your best to match the mood of your partner but we will always be there to help you out! Eyes can tell such a story, but there are also poses where it’s more appropriate to close them! Like if you guys are cuddling up or you’re kissing her forhead, go ahead and close those babies. It can definitely help ease some of those nerves to close your eyes for a sec and put you two in the moment.

Above all,  it doesn’t matter as much what you’re doing, but HOW you do it. Some of the simplest poses can evoke so much emotion if you own them and act as you normally would with your partner! Our job is to capture your love as authentically as possible, so as long as you’re being vulnerable and open in front of the camera with your lover, your photos will turn out AMAZING. Every. Time.