Why You Should Book a Photo/Video Duo

July 19, 2020

Hey y’all!! Coming atcha today with another blog that benefits YOU, my Southern Utah brides! As I’m sure you’re aware, Brad and I are a St. George-based photo/video duo. This means that we offer both photo and video services to all of our clients! Do you HAVE to book both services? No. But SHOULD you? YES. I could dive into a million reasons as to why you should want a wedding video, but that’s its own other blog. For now, this blog is for when you’ve already decided you want both photo and video, you’re just trying to decide which vendors to choose.

Now you’re faced with 2 different options. Hire separate photo and video vendors, or hire a team that offers those services together. Brad an I have documented over 40 weddings together as a team. And we’ve done many with other unrelated videographers. And they were all wonderful and so talented. We have nothing bad to say about them. But from our own personal experience, the whole booking process, wedding day, and post production goes so much smoother when you book one vendor for both. Let’s break it down and I’ll show you why!


For starters, booking photo and video with us a as a package is cheaper than booking 2 separate vendors for each service. How could this be?? Well, when you book 2 separate vendors, you are paying each vendor full price for their service. That’s full price to the photographer and full price to the videographer. But when you book with us, you get your photos and video together in a bundle deal. That’s right. Instead of paying full price for each service, you now get a DISCOUNT for booking them together with us.

And on top of that, let’s say your vendors have to travel. If you book us (a husband and wife duo), your travel fees are much cheaper! Because we share an Airbnb, Uber, all that. Once again, booking a duo reduces the overall cost of your package! If you thought video was just out of your budget, think again! It’s much more attainable when you bundle with us.

Southern Utah Photographer


Like I mentioned earlier, Brad and I have done 40+ weddings together. It’s safe to say, we’ve got things down to a system. We know how each other works. We know who stands where at what moment. We know how to make sure we both get ~the shot~ without getting in each other’s way. When you put 2 vendors together who’ve never worked with each other before, there’s much less coordination. While of course these vendors do their best to communicate and give each other the space to do their job, they are simply not used to the way the other person works. Plus, everyone does things differently. That doesn’t mean one vendor is wrong, it just means they get their coverage differently. This leaves room for greater risk of getting in the way of the other vendor. It’s no one’s fault, it just happens.

If you want to be guaranteed more seamless coverage and reduce the risk of miscommunication, book a duo!


After the wedding is done and your vendors go home to edit, the photos and video will be more consistent if they come from the same vendor. The styles will complement each other and the coverage will go hand in hand. You’ll find yourself with more complete coverage of your wedding day if you book a duo.

Brad and I work together constantly before, during, and after a wedding. We discuss what shots are the most important to you, which guests we should focus on most, who will have what angle during an event, and the list goes on and on. This ensures that you will have the most complete wedding coverage.

And the Most Fun Reason…

It becomes a DOUBLE DATE!! This is one of the biggest reasons why Brad and I love our job. It is soooo much fun not only working together, but also working with other couples who are so much like us. Some of our BEST FRIENDS are couples we met through photography, and we want you to be one of those couples too. We will have a total blast all hanging out together. Brad will bring just the right amount of dirty jokes, and I’ll bring just the right amount of, “Okay so now I want you guys to just make out with each other.” Trust me, you’ll hear me say this a lot haha! And then maybe after your shoot, we can even all go get ice cream together?! Or soda?! Or anything because we seriously just love food.

Southern Utah Wedding Photography and Videography Team

Convinced Yet?

I think the obvious answer is to book one vendor who meets all of your needs! We will ensure that your wedding coverage is complete and consistent. Your love story is special. You deserve to have it captured in a way that will do it justice. And not only that. When you book us as a photo/video duo, you also gain life long friends to double date with all the time. It’s seriously a win-win-win.

Click here to view some of the weddings I’ve filmed right here in Southern Utah and across the country. You’ll also be able to see side-by-side the photos and videos from weddings that we cover as a team! Want to learn more about our wedding packages? Click here for further details about what all is included! If you have any more questions, contact us through our inquiry form and we would LOVE to chat with you to meet your wedding needs!! And don’t forget to check back often for more wedding planning tips.