Things YOU Can do to Get the Best Wedding Video

March 12, 2021

You ever wonder how to make your wedding video better? I’m sure you dream about it EVERY night (I know I do). All jokes aside, if you’re reading this you probably booked us (hopefully 😉 ) for a wedding video or are going to in the future which is awesome! As much as I wish I could do everything for you as your wedding videographer, there’s only so much I can do do! But that is where YOU come into play and I’m here to show you ways you can make your wedding video even more special!! 

Contribute Some of yo’ Own Content!!

THIS IS ONE IS HUGE!! Whether it’s filmed on your phone, camera, or even digitized film (if you use film you are a legend), this will elevate your video so much by making it THAT much more personal to you! This can be a silly snapchat video of you and your boo, some BTS from your proposal, you just sitting down talking to the camera about how freakin STOKED you are to get married, you saying yes to your dress, ANYTHING! The more the merrier as long as the footage means something to you and helps better tell your wedding story! By collecting this footage for me before your wedding, you get the WHOLE wedding story — before, during, and even after if you want — it’s totally up to you! But I promise you if you do this you’ll make everyone who watches your video cry like a baby (especially you two lovebirds).

Complete Storytelling!

As much as you contribute to your wedding video beforehand with those fun clips I mentioned, I’ll be taking over the camera on your big day so you two can get hitched!! With that being said, it’s SUPER important to give me as many events as possible to shoot throughout the whole day! It may be easy to disregard the getting ready shots or things you don’t think are as important, but I promise you they are!! A wedding video tells a story, and you don’t want missing parts of your story! It’s super important to have coverage of even your smaller events to help tie together your video!! Allowing me to get vow audio and other natural audio from your day (if applicable) also helps INCREDIBLY with tying your story together and creating a narrative that you otherwise wouldn’t have! The more footage I’m able to capture for you, the more wedding memories you are going to have that you will cherish forever!!

Be Happy!!!

Don’t worry — we’ve all been there, but it is SO funny the amount of times I’ve gotten that “deer in headlights” look when my camera captures someone’s gaze at a wedding — even of the couple sometimes! It’s got to be a mix of being caught off guard and not knowing what to do next but that is why I am here to help! The key is to be happy! Easy enough right? It doesn’t matter if you play it off and keep interacting with your guests or smile directly AT the camera, I’m just tryna get those candid and happy shots that will keep that exciting tone in your video!! You can even do something silly if you want — as long as it feels like you guys! Just remember, there’s no reason to freeze up if you see my camera pointed in your direction. Just keep doin what you’re doin because these candid moments are part of what makes video so special.

Overall, it is just important to think ahead!! The more you do to contribute to your wedding video, the better it will be! The small things really do count in the long run and you have more of a say in your video than you think! So plan ahead, be candid, and trust your videographer to make an amazing story out of your day.

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