About Us

We're Emily and Brad Caporale!

We're so glad you found us. Nothing makes us happier than meeting new people while doing something we love. We're a married photo/video team with almost 10 years of experience between us. It's such a blessing to share a passion with the person you're passionate about. And for a living, we get to capture what YOU'RE passionate about.

“These mere photographs
could never contain
our love,

and no book of any length
could ever describe
how I feel about you."

Along with photography and videography, we love exploring new places and hiking, then coming home and binge watching Hulu. It’s called balance. We go out to eat almost every day–which is probably an unhealthy habit, but will we ever stop? We love decorating our cute little apartment and cuddling with each other and our adorable two cats. Brad’s favorite thing in the world is the gym and you can catch him working out for hours every day and making YouTube videos about workout challenges. Emily pours her heart and soul into this business and that consumes most of her time, but she also loves to write and spend time with her mom.

We both grew up in Boise, Idaho, but currently live in Rexburg. We moved here for school but are both recent drop-outs (let us explain ourselves here). So now, life is taking us new places. We will be staying in Rexburg until late August, then we’re taking our business to St. George, Utah. But we will be back to fulfill our commitments to our Rexburg clients who have previously booked sessions after August. We are still booking current Rexburg clients and are now booking future Southern Utah clients. So if you’re in Southern Utah or just wanna take a trip to one of the National Parks down there (cause who doesn’t?!), send us a message.

Emily was first introduced to photography in 2013, her freshman year of high school. She took photography classes for all four years. During that time, one of her photographs was awarded 1st place in its division at the Western Idaho Fair, she had a photograph showcased in the Boise Art Museum, and she was the photo editor of her yearbook. Photography was her passion right from the start.

All at the same time, Brad was at the same high school (even though we didn’t know each other yet) and he was taking videography classes. He made skits with friends and commercials for the school. When we got engaged in 2018, we merged businesses and were instantly surrounded by support from friends, family, and clients.

And now, this business has taken us from coast to coast, where we’ve been fortunate enough to meet amazing young couples who are madly in love, just like ourselves. Many of our clients have become our close friends who we continue to make memories with to this day.

If there’s one thing we love, it’s LOVE. And we get to relive our love story through our clients every day. They constantly remind us of the giddiness, the butterflies, the heart-skipping-a-beat kind of love. And nothing is better than documenting those emotions so they can relive them every day too. We can’t wait to tell your love story.