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Let’s run away together. We’ll follow you and your lover into the woods, across the ocean, over the mountaintops… wherever your heart leads you. What I LOVE about elopements is the intimacy, how the focus isn’t on a big ceremony and lots of expensive decor. The focus is on YOUR LOVE. I love the spontaneity, the adventure, the hiking. I’ll scale a mountainside if I have to to get the good shots. Elopements are all about authenticity. Going with the flow. Embracing the wind in your hair and the mud on your shoes. Elopements are about showing the natural, unscripted side of your love. They’re about finding your soul mate and having no doubt in your mind that they’re the one for you. They’re about intimate vows on the mountaintop. They’re about you and your forever. And we get to document all the raw emotion, so you can always remember the love that literally swept you off your feet and carried you into a life with the person you chose. Upon booking you will also receive a personalized text from me going over details, what you can expect, and how to get the most out of your session. 4 – 6 weeks after your session, you will receive your images and/or video in a downloadable gallery that you can post and share with others.

prices starting at:

just photo OR video: $1000

or book BOTH starting at: $1600